Dylan K.


I studied with a few different vocal instructors, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. Working with Jeff was different. It was a breath of fresh air. Everyone’s voice is different, and everyone has unique singing goals and aspirations. Jeff takes this into consideration with his goal-oriented approach, and the results are truly amazing. He first listens to what you would like to achieve in your singing, and then gets to work in helping you reach your singing goals quickly and easily, with a program customized to your specific needs. It’s also quite fun working with Jeff – he’s a delightful singing instructor to learn from and truly loves to help people reach their singing goals. He’ll work with your existing technique and sound (no matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned professional), and help you reach new heights. Yes, higher notes of course, but also a more healthy and sustainable way to sing the music you want to sing, in the way that you’d like to sing it.

For example, I’m a contemporary vocalist, and Jeff is well-versed in contemporary vocal technique. In particular, singing contemporary music requires a slightly different approach to vocalization, that may not be ideal for, say, an operatic vocalist – neither is better or worse, but there are differences we need to be aware of depending on the genre of music we are singing. Jeff understands these nuances in great detail and will ensure you develop your voice in a way that is healthy and sustainable – without sacrificing your unique vocal style. Instead, he’ll help you enhance it via thoughtful feedback and guided practice.

To top it all off, Jeff is also one of the best human beings out there. He is kind, generous, caring, and truly wants the best for everyone he teaches – he wants everyone to “enjoy singing and take really good care of your voice” – he even says so at the end of every one of his YouTube Videos, and his lessons help you do this even more.

He’s a gifted teacher, who knows vocal pedagogy through-and-through, and he’s also an outstanding vocalist and musician in his own right. I always feel like a vocal lesson with Jeff is much more than just a “singing lesson.” Jeff doesn’t just teach you how to sing, he teaches you how to continue to grow your abilities as a vocalist well after the lesson has ended, by arming you with the knowledge and skills to understand the mechanics of your own voice, and how to best train and take care of it for years to come.

Jeff provided me with a singing roadmap for success based on my goals, and it’s been a privilege to work with him. If you study with Jeff, he’ll be there every step of the way to guide your progress and expedite your growth. That’s what he did for me. I’m so happy to have been able to learn from Jeff over the years, and I continue to grow my skills to this day because of the solid singing fundamentals he provided me.

I can’t recommend Jeff Rolka highly enough. Go ahead and book yourself a lesson (if there are any available!), and I promise you won’t be disappointed.